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After receiving a call from Masha's kidnappers demanding a ransom, Bryan asks Lani to help. While Bryan, Lani, and Tonya are making plans, Brick storms in and Lani and Tonya escape off the balcony, leaving Bryan to face Brick's wrath. When Brick finds a condom Tonya had brought on the unmade, wrecked bed, he assumes that Bryan had attempted to take Masha's virginity and hits him. Bryan barely escapes, while Brick calls Masha's father back in America and informs him of Masha's kidnapping, making it sound as if Bryan had been the kidnapper. Meanwhile, the kidnappers turn out to be the two American INS agents seen earlier in the film.                 watch more

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Finding a canoe on a river, they outrun the three culprits and find a friendly welcoming old-time village. After eating a huge dinner and dancing and having fun, Masha and Bryan have sex for the first time. The next morning, they awake to a cheering village, but during breakfast the two agents and Brick find the village the next morning. Brick and the lovers battle on a steep ocean cliff. Just as Brick is ready to kill Bryan, Lani and Ernesto show up in the helicopter, catching Brick off guard. Masha, using the distraction, shoots Brick in the back and he falls off the cliff, taking Bryan with him. Masha is in shock, terrified with the thought that she killed Bryan too. Bryan appears in the waves, unharmed, and they are reunited with Masha's family back in America. Vadik gives Bryan his blessing to marry Masha for real, but he denies despite his feelings for her. Masha, heartbroken, continues her old life taking dance lessons. One night after her lessons, she finds Bryan outside ready to propose to her as he changed his mind. As the crowd around them applauds, the film ends with the camera panning away from the couple as they kiss. [1]             watch more

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Back at the resort, after Brick tells Masha's father Vadik (Ken Davitian) about the condom and Bryan's supposed attempt to have sex with Masha, Vadik becomes enraged and prepares to fly to the island. Lani calls her cousin, Ernesto (Rob Schnieder) to help find Masha with his helicopter. A chases scene occurs between Brick and the four heroes (Bryan, Lani, Tonya, and Ernesto) and ends with the group making a hasty escape in Ernesto's helicopter, only to later crash by a fishing village. Deciding to rest on a beach at the edge of the village, Ernesto and Tonya kiss passionately, unconcerned of Masha's dire condition, and Lani and Bryan storm off in anger. Alone, Ernesto and Tonya almost have sex in a boat in the grass, but Brick soon shows up and knocks them out, revealing that Brick is in on the kidnapping. Separated, Lani and Bryan obliviously go in separate directions. Masha escapes her prison in a surfboard shack and finds Bryan, who is crazily driving a Jeep stolen from Brick after he tried to kill Bryan. Bryan and Masha crash the Jeep, which erupts into flames and make an escape on foot.          watch more

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An unassuming pet photographer named Bryan (Dave Annabele) is thrown into serious action, adventure and romance when he's forced to marry Croatian bride, Masha (Katharine McPhee) to pay a debt to her criminal parents against his will. Masha's father marries her to Bryan to get her a green card, under the condition that Bryan can not touch her. Off to spend his honeymoon at a remote tropical resort, Masha's family friend Brick (Vinnie Jones), who is in love with Masha (but Masha does not return the feeling), follows her and Bryan.
After Masha catches Bryan dancing with a hotel waitress, she storms off, as it is hinted she hates womanizers. Feeling bad, the waitress Lani (Tia Carrere) suggests Bryan take Masha on a romantic outing, to a secret beach encased by a tropical rainforest to make it up to Bryan and Masha. While teasing Bryan at the secret cove, Masha flees into the rainforest and is kidnapped. While searching for Masha back at the hotel, unaware she has been kidnapped, Bryan finds that his psychotic assistant, who is in love with him Tonya (Mena Suvari), has tracked him down to the resort, bringing condoms and tries to have sex with Bryan. After Bryan says informs her that he does not want to have sex with her, Tonya agrees to help find Masha, but tells him that she will one day force him to have sex with her, after trying to have sex with him one more time.                   watch more